ort sud / redrock.lu / resonsive web design

apart crée un site Web pour la Région Sud "Terres Rouges" en construisant une architecture de l'information adaptive, ergonomique et émotionnelle.

Welcome Quan!

supermini international creche / corporate design / interior decoration

villa vauban / magazine / editorial design

myenergy / campaign

journal.lu / interface design & development / ios, android, windows & blackberry app

MHVL / shop shop shop / expo campaign

A Journey through the History of Luxembourg Commerce

CNA / the family of man / opening campaign & catalogue

verkéiersverbond / campaign / cross media

Let it roll, unzip and arrive before everyone!

immobilier reinig / interface design & development / ios & android app

supermini international creche / responsive website

les 2 musées de la ville de luxembourg / carte de voeux 2013

AFORM / corporate design / webdesign

myenergy entreprises / webdesign

MHVL / atelier weyer / poster campaign

villa vauban / fermeture 2012 / poster design

journal.lu / interface design & development / website

Remove noise & add value

The design of the "journal" is a result of a search for an unique identity and a will to stand out of the crowd, simple and useful.

n. folschette / webdesign & web development

musée dräi eechelen / corporate design / opening campaign / rentrée

MUDAM / postcards from luxembourg

The sound cartography, "Postcards from Luxembourg - a sound map of the City" consists of a CD visualizing neighbourhoods of the city by the sounds it produces.

carrérotondes traffo / season 12/13

unité habitation / interface design & web development

eat me / corporate design, interface design & website development

Villa Vauban / poster designs

crakk – agence immobilière / corporate & interface design

Université du Luxembourg / corporate design

corporate identity and graphic chart based on existing logo

ara cityradio / web, iPhone & android app

bubblebin.com / webdesign

opderschmelz / corporate design

The opderschmelz corporate ID is based on the "Work in progress" – diagonal red and white stripes. Opened in December 2007, the cultural centre presents all kinds of exclusive events for a varied public.

myenergy days 2011 / corporate design & cross media campaign

majerus parmentier constructions / corporate design & webdesign

carrérotondes traffo / season 11/12

vins & crémants / brochure

“Tout un Art” is an international promotional support for Luxemburgish wines: from the graphic design to the titel, from the editorial line to Andres Lejonas photos, every creative step is an authentic and specific production for this brochure.

musée d’histoire de la ville de luxembourg / corporate identity

a I part started with the central theme of the “thread of history” to create a simple and expressive graphic constructive system with a minimum of graphic elements.

trendiction / corporate design, webdesign

opderschmelz / flyer campaign

villa vauban / catalogue “Collection, Histoire, Architecture”

The exterior envelope of the Villa Vauban architecture catalogue is a paper replica of the award winning and highly recognizable perforated brass panels which wrap the extension of the Villa Vauban.

musée d’histoire de la ville de luxembourg / poster campaign

Andres Lejona shoots the new poster campaign for the Musée d'histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.

office national du tourisme / brochure & website “Les produits du terroir luxembourgeois”

OLAI / corporate design

cna / poster designs

luxaviation / corporate design

woxx – Luxembourg’s alternative newspaper

weekly newspaper, B&W illustrations, 26 x 36 cm, Luxembourg

MNHA – musée national d’histoire et d’art / corporate design

corporate identity and graphic chart based on existing logo, 2007

wim delvoye – Cloaca

A monograph of the entire Cloaca project by Wim Delvoye.

224 p., colour illustrations; 22 x 29 cm, hardcover, poster included. Texts by Louis Camnitzer, Michael Glasmeier and Jens Hauser. Edited by Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, Luxembourg, 2007.

carrérotondes / corporate design

The combination of the 14 Tangram shapes designed for the carrérotondes corporate ID generate new ones, and their arrangement on all types of communication supports allows for countless variations.

snj – portfolio de l’engagement / folder design

european month of photography / mutations II moving stills / book design

CNA / centre national de l’audiovisuel / cross media opening campaign